Since 1980, many Fortune 500 Companies and new startup firms alike have learned to depend on Minute Man Delivery’s fast efficient service and low rates to get their packages or documents delivered anywhere in Southern California, Arizona or Nevada (or anywhere else in the world).

Our rapid growth to becoming one of the Southwest’s most influential carriers has been the result of constant quality control methods supplemented by a major investment in communication technologies to give our customers instant access to the exact location of their shipment 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Our warehousing facilities have proved an instant success for companies that must have time sensitive products available for immediate delivery throughout the Southwest.

Minute Man Delivery has many resources to help you plan your delivery needs. We stand ready to supply you information on our many different delivery options designed to give you the lowest possible cost depending on your own personal needs for rapid delivery. We also stand ready to help you plan and coordinate a complete fleet program for your use on an annual contract. We can supply the trucks, the uniformed drivers, the warehousing, the dispatching, the supervision, the coordination, and the computerized printouts of our day’s activities so that you know at any given moment the status of your deliveries, your costs and your total capabilities for tomorrow’s planning.